2019 Technology Showcase

Poster Presentations and Demonstrations

Facilitating Stable and Reliable mmWave Link using Reflectors; Ish Kumar Jain, Tejas Sadarhalli, Manideep Dunna, Dinesh Bharadia
A 220μW -85dBm Sensitivity BLE-compliant Wake-Up Receiver Achieving -60dB SIR via Single-Die Multi-Channel FBAR-based Filtering and a 4-Dimensional Wake-Up Signature; Po-Han Peter Wang, Patrick P. Mercier
A Charge-Pump-based LDO Employing an AC-Coupled High-Z Feedback Loop Towards a sub-4fs FoM and a 105,000x Stable Dynamic Current Range; Xiaoyang Wang, Patrick P. Mercier
A Sub-40µW 5Mb/s Magnetic Human Body Communication Transceiver for High-Fidelity Audio Streaming to Wearable Earbuds; Jiwoong Park, Patrick P. Mercier
Rugged Wearable Biopotential Acquisition; Julian Warchall, Patrick P. Mercier
A Novel 1.4-4.8 GHz Ultra-Wideband, over 45% High Efficiency Digitally Assisted Frequency-Periodic Load Modulated Amplifier; S. Sakata, Y. Komatsuzaki, R. Ma, M. Benosman, Y. Nagai, K. Nakatani, S. Shinjo
A 6.1 nW Wake-Up Receiver Achieving -80.5 dBm Sensitivity via a Passive Pseudo-Balun Envelope Detector; Po-Han Peter Wang, Young-Han Kim, Gabriel M. Rebeiz, Patrick P. Mercier, Drew A. Hall
SigNet: Semantic Instance Aided Unsupervised 3D Geometry Perception; Yue Meng, Yongxi Lu, Aman Raj, Samuel Sunarjo, Rui Guo, Tara Javadi, Gaurav Bansal, Dinesh Bharadia
Depth Augmented Relative Pose Estimation; Vamsidhar Kamanuru, Gaurav Bansal, Dinesh Bharadia
Single-View Depth Estimation for Vehicle Collaboration; Benjamin Chang, Joseph Chang, Truong Nguyen
Using Sensors and AI to Enable On-Demand Virtual Physical Therapist and Balance Evaluation at Home; Wenchuan Wei, Carter McElroy, Sujit Dey
Enabling Vehicular Edge Computing Services Using Solar-Powered Roadside Units;  Yu-Jen Ku, Po-Han Chiang, Sujit Dey
Joint Vessel Segmentation and Deformable Registration on Multi-Modal Retinal Images Based on Style Transfer; Junkang Zhang, Cheolhong An, Ji Dai, Manuel Amador, Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, Shyamanga Borooah, William R. Freeman, Truong Q. Nguyen
A 2-in-1 Temperature/Humidity Sensor for IoT Applications; Haowei Jiang, Drew Hall
Coding Schemes and Capacity Scaling for Cloud Radio Access Networks; Shouvik Ganguly, Young-Han Kim
Head and Body Motion Prediction to Enable Mobile VR Experiences with Low Latency; Xueshi Hou, Jianzhong Zhang, Madhukar Budagavi, Sujit Dey
A 37-42 GHz 8x8 Phased-Array for 5G Communication with 48-58 dBm EIRP; Yusheng Yen, Samet Zihir, Tumay Kanar, Gabriel Rebeiz
A 62 GHz Tx/Rx 2x128-Element Dual-Polarized Dual-Beam Wafer-Scale Phased-Array Transceiver with Minimal Reticle-to-Reticle Stitching, Umut Kodak, Bhaskara Rupakula, Samet Zihir, Gabriel Rebeiz
2x64 Dual-Polarized Dual-Beam Single-Aperture 28 GHz Phased Array with High Cross-Polarization Rejection for 5G Polarization MIMO; Ahmed Nafe, Mustafa Sayginer, Kerim Kibaroglu, Gabriel Rebeiz
Pyramid Structured Optical Flow Learning with Motion Cues; Ji Dai, Shiyuan Huang, Truong Nguyen
Approximating Omni-Directional mmWave Coverage Using an Array of Phased-Arrays; Song Wang, Jingqi Huang, Xinyu Zhang
A Low-cost mmWave SDR with Hybrid Beamforming Architecture; R. Zhao,  T. Woodford, X. Zhang
Boundless XR, A Virtual Reality Demonstration by Qualcomm









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