Agenda 2021


Thursday, November 18, 2021

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Sujit Dey, Director, CWC, UC San Diego

Al Pisano, Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego

Bill Lin, Professor, Chair ECE Department, UC San Diego


Featured Speaker

Guru Madhavan, Norman R. Augustine Senior Scholar and Senior Director of Programs, National Academy of Engineering

  • Wiring the Engineering and Policy Needs for a Wireless Future


Ronnie Visishta, Senior Vice President-Telecom, NVIDIA

  • Enabling Industry 4.0 with NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G Solution Stack

Confluence of Big Data, Data Fusion, Edge Intelligence and Hybrid Communications:  Industry Perspective

Moderator: Sujit Dey, UC San Diego



(5 minute Break at 11:15am)

Sunay Tripathi,  Director, Head of Product,Telecom and Distributed Cloud Edge,  Google

  • Cloudification of Telco Network - The Good, The Bad and not so Ugly!

Artur Borycki, Senior Director Innovation and Advance Development, Teradata

  • Top Reasons Why Data is Food for AI and ML

Jorge Periera, Principal Scientific Officer, European Commission.

  • Addressing the Challenges of 5G for Connected and Automated Mobility

Confluence of Big Data, Data Fusion, Edge Intelligence and Hybrid Communications:  Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Moderator: Sujit Dey, UC San Diego




Sujit Dey, Professor, UC San Diego

  • Overview of UCSD Smart Transportation Innovation Program (STIP)

Runfa Li, Graduate Researcher, UC San Diego

  • Motion Estimation for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Dinesh Bharadia, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

  • Enabling Low-cost Perception with Connected Cameras and Radars for Autonomous Driving 

Sam Thornton, PhD Student, UC San Diego

  • Multi-Source Feature Fusion for Object Detection Association in Connected Vehicle Environments

Xinyu Zhang, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

  • Experimental Testbed for mmWave Joint Communication and Sensing

Bhaskar Rao, Professor, UC San Diego

  • ResNEsts: Deep Learning with Improved Estimation Guarantees

Sabur Baidya, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville

  • Collaborative Vehicular Perception with C-V2X: Challenges, Technologies, and Testbed
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch Break  

Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Senior Director, Strategic Applications, Global Foundries

  • Silicon Technology Challenges for THzSystem

Gary Xu, Vice President of Research, Samsung Research America

  • THz Opportunities for Future 6G Networks

(sub)-THz Communications

Talks and Panel Discussion

Moderator: Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Global Foundries

Shahriar Shahramian, Director of ASIC Research, Nokia-Bell Labs

  • Towards the Next Generation mm-Wave & near-THz Communication Systems

Greg Jue, 6G System Engineer, Keysight Technologies

  • Emerging Test Challenges as 6G Moves Beyond 100 Gbps
3:00pm-3:10pm  Break

Featured Speaker

Moderator: Peter Asbeck, UC San Diego

Walid Ali-Ahmad, Vice President RF Systems, Samsung Electronics

  • RF System Challenges for sub-7GHz 5G NR Cellular User Equipment with MIMO Applications

5G/6G Startup Ecosystem Opportunities, Challenges and Pitfalls

Moderator: Nambi Seshadri, UC San Diego

Reza Rofougaran, Chief Technical Officer and Founder, Movandi

Jim Mains, Chief Executive Officer, Shoelace Wireless

Sirish Raghuram, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Platform9 Systems

Ketan Kamdar, Chief Development Officer, Geoverse

5:00pm-7:30pm Cocktails and Dinner Board Members and Guests


Friday, November 19, 2021

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  9:30am Welcome Sujit Dey, Director, CWC, UC San Diego


Peter Gammel,VP and CTO of Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure Business Unit, Global Foundries

  • Silicon Solutions for Today’s 5G Reality and the Foundation of 6G


5G/6G Circuits-CWC Research

Moderator: Ian Galton, UC San Diego

Ian Galton, Professor, UC San Diego

  • Digital-to-ime Converter Mismatch-Noise Cancellation for Digital Fractional-N PLLs

Gabriel Rebeiz, Professor, UC San Diego

  • 28 GHz/39 GHz Dual-Pol/Dual-Beam Arrays for 5G 2x2 MIMO and Carrier Aggregation

Peter Asbeck, Professor, UC San Diego

  • CMOS-SOI millimeter-wave amplifiers: The Quest for Power

Hanh-Phuc Le, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

  • Power and Envelope Modulator for 5G and 5G Transmitters Applications

Drew Hall, Associate Professor, UC San Diego

  • Stacked LNAs for Ultra-Low Power IoT Radios

Patrick Mercier, Associate Professor, UC Sn Diego

  • SyncScatter: Enabling 1000x Lower Power WiFi Communication using Synchronized Backscatter MIMO Techniques
11:30am-12:45pm Lunch Break and Poster Session


Open RAN

Moderator: Colin Daly, Corning

Balaji Raghothaman, Chief Architect for Infrastructure Solutions, Keysight Technologies

  • Open RAN and its Impact

Manish Singh, Head of Wireless Ecosystem Programs, Facebook

  • Incubating the OpenRAN Ecosystem

Doug Evans, Civilian Senior Electronics Engineer, US Navy NIWC Pacific

Michael Anderson, Joint Tactical Communications & Software Defined Radio Head,  US Navy NIWC Pacific

  • DARPA Open Source 5G Networking and Prototype Demonstrations

New Considerations and Directions Towards 6G

Moderator: Ramesh Rao, UC San Diego

Eddy KwonSenior Director, Wireless Research & Development; Next G (6G) Alliance Technology Working Group Chair, Qualcomm

  • Driving the Technology Evolution to 5G Advanced and Beyond

Anton Monk, CTO of Wireless Initiatives, Viasat Inc.

  • 3D Communications: Combining Terrestrial, HAPS, LEO and GEO Networks for Ubiquitous Connectivity

Aleksandar Damnjanovic, MulteFire Alliance Radio Working Group Chair, Qualcomm

  • Spectrum Sharing in 6G

Gabe Lenetsky, Quantum Business Development Lead, Keysight Technologies

  • Quantum Technologies for Next Generation Communication

Dinesh Bharadia, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

  • ScatterMIMO: Enabling Virtual MIMO with Smart Surfaces
3:15pm Forum Ends  
3:30pm-4:00pm CWC Planning Session

 Invited Guests and Board Members

Location:  CWC Board Room, Room 6504, Jacobs Hall

4:00pm Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members 

Location:  CWC Board Room, Room 6504, Jacobs Hall

6:00pm Dinner Board Members