Technology Showcase

A 36 μW Sub-3dB Minimum Noise Figure LNA for NB-IoT Hossein Rahmanian Kooshkaki, Patrick Mercier

Scalable Access Point Placement for Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems,  Govind R. Gopal, Bhaskar D. Rao

Delay Phased Arrays: Towards programmable beam-bandwidth for 5G networks,  Ish Kumar Jain, Rohith Reddy Vennam, Nagarjun Bhat

R-Fiducial : Reliable and Scalable Radar Fiducials for millimeter wave sensing,  Manideep Dunna, Kshitiz Bansal, Sanjeev Ganesh, Eamon Patamasing, Dinesh Bharadia

mmSpoof: Spoofing Attacks on Automotive FMCW Radars using Millimeter-wave Reflect Array,  Rohith Reddy Vennam, Ish Kumar Jain, Kshitiz Bansal, Joshua Orozco, Puja Shukla

Light-Weight Sequential SBL Algorithm: An Alternative to OMP,  Rohan R. Pote and Bhaskar D. Rao

Measurement-Algorithm Co-design for Finite-Valued Inverse Problems with Application in Low-Complexity Overloaded MIMO Decoding,  Pulak Sarangi and Piya Pal

Passive Beamforming Surface for mmWave Sensing and Communications,  John Nolan and Xinyu Zhang

Enabling Super-Resolution for Sparse Arrays with Limited Snapshots with Application in Autonomous Sensing,  Mehmet Can Hucumenoglu and Piya Pal

Users are Closer than they Appear: Protecting User Location from WiFi APs,  Roshan Ayyalasomayajula, Aditya Arun, Wei Sun, and Dinesh Bharadia

WiFi Backscatter Featuring Beam Steering via a Fully-Reflective Phased-Controlled Multi-Antenna Termination Technique Enabling Operation over 56 Meters,  Shih-Kai Kuo, Manideep Dunna, Dinesh Bharadia, and Patrick P. Mercier

Learning to Sense for Millimeter-wave communication: From Data-driven to Adaptive Spatiotemporal Sampler Design,  Sina Shahsavari, Pulak Sarangi, Mehmet Hucumenoglu, Piya Pal


Utilizing Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Sensor Data Sharing over C-V2X Communications Bryse Flowers, Yu-Jen Ku, Sabur Baidya, Sujit Dey


Realistic Synthetic Dataset Generation for Wireless Modulation Classification Venkatesh Sathyanarayanan,  Peter Gerstoft


Multi-Modal Data Reduction and Model Selection for Wireless Edge-based Vehicular Sensor Fusion,  Samuel Thornton, Sujit Dey


Deep Learning-based OFDM Modulation Classification without Symbol-level Synchronization,  Byungjun Kim, Venkatesh Sathyanarayanan, Michael Bianco, Christoph Mecklenbräuker, Dinesh Bharadia, Peter Gerstoft


A Highly Compact and Efficient Integrated Power Converter with nH-Scale Inductors for 30% System Size Reduction,  Tianshi Xie, Jianglin Zhu, Tom Byrd, Dragan Maksimovic, Hanh-Phuc Le


Latent-to-Latent Translation for Gaze and Head Redirection,  Shiwei Jin, Truong Nguyen


High-Efficiency Power and Envelope Modulator for 5G and 6G Transmitters Applications,  Hieu Pham, Ratul Das, Casey Hardy 


GreenMO: Flexible and Virtualized Green Communications Architecture,  Agrim Gupta, Sajjad Nassirpour, Manideep Dunna, Eamon Patamasing, Alireza Vahid, Dinesh Bharadia


Waveform Design Informed by Array Geometry: Fundamental Limits of Identifiability and Resolution in Active Sensing,  Robin Rajamäk, Piya Pal


Self-Supervised Multi-modal Learning of Daily Activities Using Egocentric Non-visual Smartphone Sensors,  Ke Sun, Xinyu Zhang


WiForceSticker: Batteryless, Thin Sticker-like Flexible Force Sensors,  Agrim Gupta, Daegue Park, Shayaun Bashar, Nagarjun Bhat, Siddhi Mundhra,Cedric Girerd, Tania Morimoto, Dinesh Bharadia


3D Human Modeling System,  Girish Krishnan, Benny Cai, Bang Du, Kunyao Chen, and Truong Nguyen


BSMA: Scalable LoRa Networks Using Full Duplex Gateways,  Raghav Subbaraman, Yeswanth Guntupalli, Shruti Jain, Rohit Kumar, Krishna Chintalapudi, Dinesh Bharadia


A 20-24V to 1.2-1.8V Integrated Hybrid Converter : Single Structure for Direct Large Conversion and Simultaneous Multiple Regulated Outputs,  Ratul Das and Hanh-Phuc Le


Stability Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Decentralized Real-Time Voltage Control,  Jie Feng, Yuanyuan Shi, Guannan Qu, Steven H. Low, Anima Anandkumar, Adam Wierman


Demand Response Model Identification and Behavior Forecast: a Gradient-based Approach,  Yuexin Bian, Ningkun Zheng, Yang Zheng, Bolun Xu, Yuanyuan Shi


A Fully-Integrated Wireless Sensor Node forReal-Time Monitoring of in vivo Biomolecular Activity,  Omid Ghadami, Haowei Jiang, Xiahan Zhou, Rajesh Seenivasan, and Drew A. Hall


Automatic Timed-Up-and-Go and Sit-to-Stand Action Segmentation using Hybrid Graph and Temporal Convolutional Network,  Bo Wen, Chen Du, Truong Nguyen


R-Fiducial : Reliable and Scalable Radar Fiducials for millimeter wave sensing,  Manideep Dunna, Kshitiz Bansal, Sanjeev Ganesh, Eamon Patamasing, Dinesh Bharadia


Stable RL for Voltage Control,  Jie Feng, Yuanyuan Shi