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UC San Diego Wireless Summit


Frequently Asked Questions

Summit Overview

What is the San Diego Wireless Summit?

San Diego Wireless Summit 2024 will be held on May 30-31, 2024 as an in-person event hosted by Qualcomm and Center for Wireless Communications (CWC) at UC San Diego, Atkinson Hall. In this year's Summit, "Wireless in the Era of AI", participants across industry and academia will come together to discuss challenges, innovations and opportunities arising from the integration of AI and compute capabilities into wireless communication technologies including the emerging areas of RF Sensing, Digital Twins, 3D networks and AI-aided circuit design. Panelists will explore how Wireless and AI convergence will power existing and new applications across the wireless industry and various verticals including automotive, immersive reality, IoT, smart cities and e-health.


When and where is the Summit?

This is a live event taking place from May 30th - May 31st and is held at UC San Diego, Atkinson Hall.


Will the sessions and panels be live streamed for me to watch online?

Unfortunately this is an in person only event. You must attend this conference to see the materials and participate in Q&A sessions. Some snippets may be shared to our social media sites afterwards (with permission from speakers) but that content will be minimal.


How can I connect with other attendees during the event?

  • Meet other attendees in your sessions.
  • Explore the community to make connections
  • Take advantage of built-in networking opportunities including breaks, poster sessions, and meals.


Where should I stay?

Where should I park?

UC San Diego campus parking is extremely limited and we highly encourage taking rideshares and opting for carpools.
Here is campus visitor parking information.  You can purchase parking at parking pay stations or on your mobile device. 
The closest parking structures to Atkinson Hall are Gilman and Hopkins.


What is the agenda for this Summit?

The agenda includes two days of speakers, sessions, demos, and networking opportunities. The breakdown of the agenda can be found on the agenda page and the committed conference participants will be added to the speakers page


Is the Summit Schedule final?

Our session schedule may change all the way up until the conference. We will finalize the session schedule a few weeks before the conference, however unforeseen circumstances may result in necessary changes. We will inform attendees if this occurs.



What is included with my registration?

  • Full access to all sessions
  • Refreshments and dinner on day 1
  • Refreshments and lunch on day 2

How do I register?

  • Registration is now full!


How do I register as a Speaker/Panelist?

Speaker Information

What File format should my presentation be in?

  • PPTx file format and 16x9 are preferred


When do you need my presentation files by?

  • 3 days prior to your presentation time


How can I send you my presentation files?

  • Please send to your Qualcomm or UCSD contact